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Vinyl Music Festival brings Darude to Sarasota, Florida

See a rare up close look at one of the top DJs in the world!  I’ve filmed nightclubs in Atlanta and Miami…but the energy in Sarasota last night was just amazing!  As far as I’m concerned, the VMF founders have a huge success on their hands.  It’s about time for this infusion of excitement into the Sarasota nightlife.  If you didn’t make it…so sad for you…so just plan next year’s spring break or vacation around this event – it’s sure to stay around!

Sarasota Vinyl Music Festival

Sarasota young VIPs partied at the Vinyl Music Festival opening event at the Ivory Lounge last night.  This was the kick off for the 4 day Vinyl Music Festival.  According to Rich Swier, VMF cofounder,  “we created and will continue to build Vinyl in order to bring more current world-class musical entertainment to a world class city.”  In our view, this first night was a success and generated great buzz about the festival leading up to the main event on Saturday night.