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Sarasota Film Festival Student Competition – and the winner is…

Students in the Motion Graphics department at Ringling College in Sarasota Florida  competed to create an opening trailer for the films at this year’s Sarasota Film Festival.  The winners were announced on opening night, and their trailer played before the opening night movie.  The winning students were Natasha Bangert and Minna Choung for Paparazzi.  Congratulations to all the students for their work.  All of the finalists’ trailers will be seen during the festival.

Sarasota Film Festival – Ringling College Student Trailer Competition

Movie lovers eagerly await the annual Sarasota Film Festival.  This year, it runs from April 7-17.  Since the first festival in 1999, the event has grown exponentially.  Attendance this year will be over 45,000!  SFF has expanded to an eleven day event that offers over 200 movie screenings, family activities, educational sessions and panel discussions, student competitions, parties and many other events.  This is the largest event of it’s kind in the Southeast.

This year, there was also a new online competition for Ringling College of Art and Design to select the best trailer for the festival.  Students in the Motion Graphics department created trailers and the public voted online to select the winner.  When I spoke with Tom Hall – Artistic Director at SFF – he said the response was great for this first time competition.

The winning trailer will be announced and played before the opening night film – Page One.  During the festival, each film will open with one of the finalist’s trailers.  A great opportunity for Ringling students to show their stuff!  Here’s an example: